June 11: Notre Dame and 'La Tour Eiffel'

I woke up long before Anna Mae and David this morning.  They were hungry and went to get food after we got checked into our hotel last night.  Me?  I pretty much passed out I was so tired from my crazy day yesterday. 

Since I was awake, I showered and got ready, went downstairs for some breakfast, went Live with Word Up, and then woke up Anna Mae.  Then we went out to explore the shopping in our area.  We are staying near the Opera House.  It is a beautiful building that I just realized I have not photographed yet.  Well, it's stunning...and you are going mohave to trust me on that.  Or you could google it.

There is a lot of high fashion shopping in the area we are staying in, so the stores were fun to see. However, we got hungry.  A street cafe was just the ticket!  Once again, we had no trouble ordering something tasty and gluten free.  I had an omelette with asparagus and been.  Anna Mae opted for a burger.  

David was ready now, so off we went in search of Notre Dame.  Since today was Sunday, we wanted to go and check it out!  Notre Dame is huge, beautiful and packed usually.  There was a long line to get in, but it moved pretty rapidly.  Here are some pictures we took as we stood in line.

It looks really beautiful from the outside, huh?  That's what we thought too.  Couldn't wait to get inside to see it...and....access denied!  We DID NOT know you had to have your shoulders covered to get inside.  All three of us had bare shoulders, so nobody got in today.  Note to self:  take a sweater along when visiting Cathedrals from now on.  

So, not to be deterred, we decided to walk to the Eiffel Tower to see it instead of taking the Metro.  It was about a 35 minute walk, but fun!  Seeing a lot of the city on foot may be tiring, but is worth it.  We found a little 'Shakespeare's' bookstore that Mae loved!  

We also saw another really old church, but it was closed.  But when we got to the Eiffel Tower, even I was amazed.  Thirty years ago, when I was last in Paris, I was on the other side of the tower when I came in.  David, Mae and I came in on the park side, and it was filled with people!

As you watch this short video, listen to the background music.  There was a singing group giving a concert near where we were and it added so much to the view.  Also, note the zipline rider whizzing by.  Wow!  We took it all in from the ground for today...in a few days we are coming back a dusk for the spectacular views up top!

Being in the park today, looking at the Eiffel Tower, all the people there, and hearing the singing brought to mind when Peter preached on Passover and 3,000 people believed and were baptized (This story is found in Acts 2).  Even though there were all kinds of people in the park with us, it felt to me like we were all kind of connected.  

That's how it must have felt the day Peter preached.  That's the same spirit of connectedness I felt today, even though no one preached.  I really believe that God wants us to embrace that connectedness with others.  To love them wherever they, and we, are.  

Have a great day!

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