June 10; Kayaks, caves, and a race to Madrid

Kayaks, caves, and a race to Madrid!  That is how our day went!  Hahaha..... 

It all started good, with Anna Mae and I going on a kayaking and caves excursion.  We laughed, explored and had water fights with our guide.  

We weren't sure where we were kayaking to, but it was fun to do.  When you kayak in a two man, coordinating your oars is a must.  Know why I know that - yup, we whacked each other!  It was so much fun, and on the way back we had it down and were racing our guides and one other group.  We didn't win, but we had really good water fights and fun!

Next up, CAVES!  It was a pirate cave, and it was really dark and really cool!  Our guide told us that if you lose your light, you had to find a side and follow to the right to get out.....to the left you just gets you lost!  We loved it!

After exploring the cave, to our delight we got to go snorkeling!  You know, in years past I can't say that I have snorkeled much, but this past year I have gone three times.  I love it now, and have snorkeled in three different parts of the world this year (Spain, Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas).  

The masks they had for us worked great.  They were different than the normal mask and breathing tube.  For the first time, I didn't fog up or drink any sea water!

We arrived back at our condo to discover that our flight to Paris was today...not tomorrow as I had somehow thought!  My error completely!  The problem was that we were 4 hours from the airport and our flight was set to leave in 3 hours!  

We rushed and packed, wet clothes and all, and took off.  On the drive I phoned the car rental company, the travel agent, and then finally airplane carriers directly.  Whew!  Fastest 4 hours of my recent life...hahaha!  

We got to the airport with 60 minutes until our newly booked flight was leaving.  Dropped the car off.  Took a shuttle to the furthest terminal.  Checked in, dropped our bags off, and hurried to the gate.  Security was so efficient we breezed right through.  David even had time to get some fast food!

God's sense of humor is astounding!  First we were in the pirate caves, and I was thinking "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." (Matthew 6:21).  I was thinking about how many lives were lost in the name of treasure hunting in the days of pirating.  Then, on the race to Madrid, I was thinking...'How much is my mistake going to cost me?'  ... "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."  

We laughed ourselves silly all the way to the airport!  David once missed a flight several years ago, and I would tease hime occasionally about it.  Well, now I have nothing on him!  He can tease me all day long.  I crossed over today to now be the winner of biggest blunder!  Hahaha!  God was gracious too.  The cost was not too much financially.  My treasure: My time with David and Anna Mae!

Then wheels up to Paris and a metro trip to our hotel...and we crashed!  Day 10 'C'est fini!'