Free To Be Passionate and Dream Big!

I am free to be passionate. Just like the passion blossom, I can bloom in vivd color. You can too. You and I are free to dream big dreams and then pursue them.  Open your heart, open your eyes to opportunity and be free to be passionate.

“If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”

― Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, This Child Will Be Great: Memoir of a Remarkable Life by Africa's First Woman President

Remember back to a time when the world was before you and you dared, even for an instant, to dream big.  What were your dreams?  Did you follow the path, or resign them to wishful thinking?  Do you even remember what you once dreamed of?  Most of the modern conveniences we take for granted are the result of people who dreamed big and took action.  Electricity, motor vehicles, computers, and phones are just a few of the dreams of people that we have benefitted from.

But these are not the only manifestations of dreams that there are...  The book of Nehamiah tells the story of a man, Nehemiah, who dreamed of returning from the exile in Babylon to rebuild and re-establish God's temple in Israel.  Nehemiah felt free to be passionate.  (Nehemiah 1-13)  The job was bigger than him, but he prayed, acted and believed it could be done.  His prayer was,

"O LORD, God of heaven, the great and awesome God, who keeps his covenant of love with those who love him and obey his commands, let your ear be attentive and your eyes open to hear the prayer your servant is praying before you day and night for your servant, the people of Israel.  I confess the sins we Israelites, including myself and my father's house, have committed against you.  We have acted very wickedly toward you.  We have not obeyed the commands, decrees and laws you gave your servant Moses.

Remember the instruction you gave your servant Moses, saying 'If you are unfaithful, I will scatter you among the nations.  But if you return to me and obey my commands, then even if your exiled people are at the farthest horizon, I will gather them from there and bring them to the place I have chosen as a dwelling for my Name.'

They are your servants and your people, whom you redeemed by your great strength and your mighty hand.  O Lord, let your ear be attentive to the prayer of this your servant and to the prayer of your servants who delight in revering your name.  Give your servant success today by granting him favor in the presence of this man." (Nehemiah 1:5-11)

Nehemiah wasn't a big name in Babylon, his job was that of the cupbearer to the king.  That meant he tasted all beverages brought to the king to make sure they were not poisoned before the king drank of them.  He was always one sip form death, so to speak.  This dream was much much bigger than he was, but if you read Nehemiah you will find that he acted on his dream anyway.  He led the Israelite party back to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple.  He faced obstacles and opposition, but he persisted.  Israel today bears witness to his faithfulness to his dream.  God brought his people together back from exile,...., and Israel lives on today!

God is faithful to give us everything we need for success. Do you believe that? He does.  Sometimes we need humility, character, patience, kindness, and stick-to-it-iveness (is that a word?) so he trains us with trials and hardship along the way, but the end product are dreams realized.  He uses regular people just like me and just like you to do things that are bigger than we are.  God plus you and me can do anything!

Each of us was created to be passionate and to make a difference in the world we live in. Our passions are vastly different and unique…no two alike. It is absolutely fascinating! Unfortunately, we live in a fallen world, where creativity is discouraged. Why? Creativity is from our Father, and is beautiful. It distinguishes us and inspires, motivates and gives ground for us to aspire to tackle something far bigger than we are. Thus, our fallen world tries to snuff it out.

If we are fortunate, we grew up in homes where our creativity was encouraged. Different wasn’t a death sentence, rather instead it was a distinguishing feature.  Not as fortunate?  Be the change you want to see...encourage and nurture your creative spirit now.  Take the time to dream.  Think big and without boundaries.  Listen to encouraging and uplifting messages.  Pray and ask the Lord God whom we serve to show you the dreams within you.  You can do it.

Sometimes the small still voice inside you will be silent until you are willing to listen.  So take time today to listen and to free to be passionate.

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