7 Keys To Consider For A Fabulous Thanksgiving Celebration

Being truly thankful takes either circumstances or planning.  Choose to be thankful tomorrow.  Below are 7 keys to consider for a fabulous thanksgiving celebration.  First, however, let's think about this together....

A whole day to concentrate on being thankful!  Wow!  I love this!  Is this how you see it?  You and I have the opportunity to make this day a very special one for us and for the people we have contact with.  There is no mass movement to take the thanks out of thanksgiving - yaaaa!  Let's make the most of the gift of this day.   We are free to gather with family and friends to have a marvelous meal and celebrate thankfulness.

As a turkey-lover, I love this day.  Growing up, my family didn't do the 'go around the table and say what you are thankful for' activity.  It would have been really fun, though.  We just watched a lot of football, and ate really great food.  It was a day off of school...love those free days still!  I was thinking today about the fact that there was no Thanksgiving day in the Bible.  The closest day I can think of is the celebration of the Passover.  I am thinking there was a lot of fervent thanks being given by the Israelites on that day.

They escaped the plague of death in Egypt.  Wailing was heard in the streets, but they were passed over!  Genuine sorrow marked that night, as most had to know many Egyptians well, but as these moms and dads looked upon their sleeping live children they just HAD to be truly thankful!  Read Exodus 12 for the story of the Passover (Exodus 1-12 if you want more background information).  Now let's get started on our 7 keys.

7 Keys To Consider For A Fabulous Thanksgiving Celebration:

  1. Smiles and Hugs are Free.  Choose to brighten up someone else's day.  Be thankful you can, and be thankful for them so you can share a smile and hug with them.  You will feel great when you get the favor returned, especially if the person you hugged or smiled at wasn't smiling before.
  2. Choose to be thankful, no matter what your circumstances.  Appreciate the world, and you will find appreciation come back your way.  Scowl at the world and it will scowl back at you.  Make your mind up to look for the best in all circumstances.
  3. Be a giver.  There are givers and takers in this life.  Takers can suck the life right out of you, or so it seems.  Givers are a delight to be around.   Look for ways to give encouragement, comraderie, compassion, understanding, tolerance of  opinions, enjoyment and laughter (with/not at).  Givers earn dividends in contentment, and joyful living.
  4. Be a uniter.  What I mean by that is bring people together by your actions, words and attitudes.  Steer clear of dividers...people who stir up trouble, strife and gossip.  Don't even listen to it - gossip can only exist when it has an audience.  Choose to be thankful for people who are different than you are, and try to see things through their eyes.  You may be surprised by what you learn.
  5. Be a helper.  Thanksgiving dinners are a lot of work.  Help out.  Set up things, mix stuff, and then help clean up when it is over.  When you have some 'skin in the game' (are helping) you will be more thankful...it just works this way.  Can't get to true thankfulness when you are just a taker.
  6. Laugh.  Laughter is the very best medicine for a happy life.  Life is funny.  God has a very funny sense of humor.  He used a donkey to call out Balaam the prophet when he was being stubborn and not doing what God told him to do!  Ironic, huh!!  (Numbers 22:21-41)
  7. Enjoy the day.  We only get to celebrate this day once a year as a nation.  Enjoy it, and enjoy the people you are spending the day with.  Life is meant to be spent wisely and fully.  We can't store up a balance like you would in a savings account...it's more like a spend it or lose it system.  Tomorrow can only be spent once, so make the most of it.

Plan for a great day tomorrow and then live out your plan.  Be thankful for every minute.  At the end of the day, evaluate how you did, and then formulate a plan for an even better Thanksgiving next year.  These 7 keys to consider for a fabulous Thanksgiving celebration can be the beginning of more joyous celebrations for your whole family.

Build on the good, and let go of the not so good (or bad).  Adjust accordingly, and talk to whoever you spend your day with so you can endeavor for an even better day next year.  Thankfulness is a choice.  All are free to choose how to act, how to talk and how to feel.  If you are not able to be thankful with your current choices, make different choices next year.  Work on a plan to resolve the problems, so you can proactively have a more thankful Thanksgiving next year.

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