My daughter, Mae and I at a book signing event.

My daughter, Mae and I at a book signing event.


Love Life 2 Day was borne out of a desire to encourage believers to live life to the fullest freely and abundantly.  

My name is Margie Traxler and I am an author/speaker, with 2 Bible study books published (A Worldly Obsession and Made In His Image).   I love God with all my heart.  Jesus is my Savior.  My father was an Episcopalian minister, and so I grew up in the church setting.  I didn't feel that I needed to rebel, because my parent's were not "all about the rules and appearances."

Growing up in Oregon when I did, I was free to wake up, go outside, and play with my friends all day.  I could be gone from dawn until dusk, without anyone hovering over me and criticizing my every decision.  I was free to be me.  My parent's allowed me the grace to make independent decisions, and thus my confidence in my ability to choose developed.

This cherishing of my freedom is a passion that I cannot let die.  I love life!  It is a passion that I feel the Lord, in all of his gracious goodness, wants us to live in.  It is with this mindset that LoveLife2Day was created.

This webpage was created for several purposes;

1 - It serves as a host for my blog, which is intended to encourage believers to live the abundant life God has offered us freely through faith in Jesus, His son.

2 - It is a non-threatening platform for those who do not actively attend a church or may not even have a relationship with God through Jesus to look into the truths of the Bible.

3 - It serves as a method for inquiries for speaking engagements.

4 - The Bible Study books A Worldly Obsession and/or Made In His Image are available for purchase through the link provided.  Go to the book pages in this website to access the week-by-week teachings for each study.  There is no charge for access to these videos.

Come along and be encouraged to love life to the full!  Be free to be yourself and to enjoy every single day of your life.  Let's live the abundant life, and love life!

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